Where do I start! A project of our scope is built by so many people. It’s tested by even more people, and finally adopted by even a greater bunch of smart users. I’m eternally thankful to everyone individually. From our team of engineers who so many times have worked around the clock to meet a […]

Neither would I. But if you are not updating or editing your case reserving, that’s exactly what you’re doing, flying blind. Let me explain, Many carriers’ current process to update reserves has been a rarely modified.  Static case reserves lead to wild swings in claims reserve numbers. Inflated catch-all IBNR’s, and a general lack of reserving […]

Happiness has been the topic of continuous study, research, and general interest in the last few years. In his book, The Happiness Equation, Neil Pasricha observes: “But after years successfully helping people lead teams, lead businesses, and lead organizations, something slowly dawned on me. Hardly anyone was happy. Every conference lunch was filled with conversations […]

At this very moment you are chasing thousands, or maybe even hundreds of thousands of ULAE dollars, all refusing to be hunted and tagged back into ALAE territory. These clandestine dollars are experts in finding ways to stay undetected by even the most sophisticated insurance financial tracking systems in the world. Every time I hear […]

The problem with asking clients or customers what they want is that most often than not, they don’t know. And this is not because they are dumb or stupid, they’re not. It’s because they have a difficult time imagining what a real solution looks like. It’s not their job to find a cure for their […]

I promise you this isn’t a post about the mathematical relationship between these two. More like the personal relationship we each have with them, and as far as how this relationship goes, so goes our business and our lives. We have a really messed up notion of time, and as a consequence money follows this […]