Our specialty in managing daily residential and commercial claims, comes from the support of our proprietary claims management system, "Merge." Our motto, "From 30 days to 30 minutes," reflects our ability to deploy a field inspector to any loss location in any state, at any time. Our dedicated team of adjusters brings a wealth of experience and expertise to each claim, ensuring that every detail is meticulously handled. By leveraging advanced technology and streamlined processes, we provide reliable service and accurate claim processing, addressing both routine and complex cases with equal efficiency.

Our constant pursuit to excellence guarantees seamless claim handling from start to finish. We prioritize clear communication and responsiveness, keeping policyholders and clients informed throughout the entire process. With TelaClaims, you can trust that your daily claims are managed with the highest standards of professionalism and care, resulting in timely and fair resolutions.

Rapid Deployment

With our motto “From 30 days to 30 minutes,” we guarantee quick deployment of field inspectors to any loss location nationwide, providing timely assessments and resolutions.

Nationwide Network of Experienced Adjusters

Our extensive network of adjusters across all 50 states allows us to provide prompt and localized service, ensuring that we can quickly and effectively handle claims no matter where they occur.

Seamless Communication

Effective communication is essential, which is why “Merge” includes built-in communication channels. These allow us to maintain direct contact with the insured, ensuring consistent updates and quality assurance throughout the claims process.

Comprehensive Coverage

We manage both residential and commercial claims, addressing routine and complex cases with equal efficiency and care.