Virtual/Fast Tracked Solutions

Our company motto, “From 30 days to 30 minutes,” reflects our commitment to Virtual Claims Handling. Through our advanced claims management system, "Merge," we transition any call into a recorded video inspection, capturing photos and real-time information uploads from the insured. Our system houses all communications with insureds and their parties, ensuring transparency and seamless integration.

Merge can generate and manage all forms provided by insurance carriers at the push of a button, including essential reports such as inspections, short forms, invoices, awards, umpire selections, and statements of loss. This comprehensive approach ensures that all data is accessible and transparent, allowing carriers to easily check the status of a claim at any time and understand exactly where it stands.

With experienced adjusters handling complex claims virtually, we provide efficient and accurate claims handling that sets the standard for the future of the industry. Our virtual inspections utilize seasoned adjusters to ensure precise investigations and quick coverage determinations, delivering high-quality service and accurate estimations. “From 30 days to 30 minutes” is more than just a tagline—it’s the future of claims handling, bringing efficiency and accuracy to the forefront of our services. This innovative approach gives TelaClaims a competitive edge over other claims management systems, offering unparalleled transparency and efficiency.

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Real-Time Virtual Inspections

Utilizing our innovative claims management system, “Merge,” we transform any call into a recorded video inspection, capturing photos and real-time information uploads from the insured. This ensures a thorough and accurate assessment without the need for an onsite visit.

Experienced Adjusters

Our virtual claims handling is managed by seasoned adjusters with extensive field experience. They handle complex claims with the same precision and expertise as in-person inspections, ensuring high-quality service and accurate estimations.

Efficient Claims Resolution

With our commitment to the motto “From 30 days to 30 minutes,” we enable quick coverage determinations and settlement discussions from the initial FNOL call. This approach drastically reduces the claims cycle time, providing efficient and effective claims handling for policyholders and carriers.