Catastrophic Claims Management & Adjusting Services

At TelaClaims, we specialize in Catastrophic Claims Management & Adjusting Services, expertly handling large-scale disaster claims with unmatched efficiency and precision. Our trifurcated claims process, which divides the traditional field adjuster role into desk adjuster, field inspector, and estimator, allows us to manage a high volume of claims accurately and swiftly. Supported by an experienced team and Merge, our proprietary in-house claims management system, we ensure quick turnaround times and transparent communication, providing seamless support during critical times.

Our commitment to exceptional customer service and proven results sets us apart. With a nationwide network of skilled adjusters, we are equipped to respond promptly to catastrophic events across all 50 states. TelaClaims has a proven track record of successfully managing large-scale claims, delivering superior results while maintaining the highest standards of accuracy and efficiency. Choose TelaClaims for a comprehensive, innovative, and reliable solution to your catastrophic claims management needs.

Telaclaims Catastrophe Layout

trifurcated claims process for efficient handling of cat claim volume and easy deployment of resources

In response to evolving demands, we have streamlined the traditional claims handling process with our innovative trifurcated approach. By dividing the roles of the traditional field adjuster into three specialized positions—desk adjuster, field inspector, and estimator—we are able to manage a high volume of claims with exceptional efficiency and precision. This method has allowed us to streamline operations, ensuring swift and accurate claim resolutions regardless of the scale. Our approach has consistently demonstrated its effectiveness, delivering outstanding results across a wide range of claim sizes.

All Lines Claim Adjustment & Administration

Through our dedicated vetting efforts, we ensure that all our adjusters are fully licensed for all lines of insurance in their respective states. This comprehensive licensing enables our team to handle a wide variety of claims, providing expert adjustment and administration services tailored to meet the specific requirements of each case. Our commitment to maintaining the highest standards of licensing and expertise ensures that our clients receive the best possible service across all types of insurance claims.

Resources available across all 50 states

Leveraging our extensive network of adjusters nationwide, we are equipped to manage and handle catastrophe claims in any state. Our wide-reaching resources ensure that we can promptly respond to and effectively manage claims, regardless of location. This national presence allows us to provide consistent, high-quality service across all 50 states, ensuring that our clients receive the support they need when they need it most.

Enhanced Claims Management with Merge

In our commitment to providing top-tier catastrophe claims management, we introduced a streamlined process backed by our innovative software, Merge. This advanced system ensures efficient communication with the insured, with all interactions recorded for full transparency.

Merge seamlessly integrates all forms provided by insurance carriers at the push of a button and can generate essential reports such as inspections, short forms, invoices, awards, umpire selections, and statements of loss. Additionally, Merge houses all photos and videos captured by our field inspectors, offering a comprehensive and detailed understanding of each insured’s situation.

This integration enhances our ability to manage claims more efficiently and effectively, ensuring that every step of the process is clear, transparent, and thorough.