In short, NO! In a recent episode of Last Week Tonight, with John Oliver, the issue of Automation was the ‘main story’.  Throughout the segment, all I could think about is the resistance and push back that our company has received from the ‘legacy adjuster‘, thinking that we are trying to replace him/her.   In […]

The next 18 months are going to be pretty interesting for carriers, agencies, and purveyors of technologies for the insurance industry as a whole. According to the One Agency Universe Study, these are the top 5 most important issues to address leading up to 2020: IoT for commercial lines – 25% Usage-Based Insurance – 30% […]

water mitigation damage Telaclaims

When talking about these hidden industry costs, the thought going through your mind may be that of an unscrupulous contractor packing a mitigation loss site full of equipment beyond written industry standard –with the intention of maximizing his daily rental profit. Though not unlikely, this scenario only describes part of the problem. For example –equally […]

Marketing is about communicating value. In today’s world where the average person gets bombarded with around 5,000 ads per day, we must be acutely aware of what is it we want to be known for. In a world where attention is the number one commodity, being remembered for something special is a competitive advantage. The […]

There is a hundred-year storm brewing, and it’s sitting offshore, just a few miles from where you are. Its impact will be imminent and direct. Sadly few will survive it. But those who do will also thrive, primarily because of two things. ONE, they read this blog post 🙂 TWO, they re-read this blog post, […]

Let’s face it… video is generally a better medium to tell stories than text and pictures. Video brings a moment alive, gives it context, emotion, and color. We would even argue that video in its original format provides a truer version of actual events, because it’s now replicated in its true form. Video combines multiple […]