So often when managing multiple claims per incident, with multiple coverages’, multiple parties, multiple carriers, causation unknown or not agreed upon, a claim adjusters’ job is like time spent in the puzzle factory. (connotation intended)

At TelaClaims, using our proprietary system Merge, we reduce the time spent puzzling, and give your adjuster more time to adjust. 

With our Snapshot tool (see below), all adjusters work to complete the puzzle (PIP, PD, BI etc.), and then as an insured calls back, the system pulls up the feature(s) that are associated with that phone number/insured.

Less time assembling the puzzle, more time adjusting. 

Each vehicle, Insured or Claimant, each party, placed in their appropriate vehicle.  All in one place.  This is where UX/Design have real impact on the claims process.

Since Merge was built by adjusters, with inhouse engineers, it is therefore, for adjusters, examiners and supervisors. 

All features roll up into easy to read, interpret and make informed decisions without having to re-assemble the puzzle each time a call or request for status comes in. 

A better overview of each claim will afford all who participate in the claims process a faster and better look at the underlying data.  Better view of the data, better decision making. 

We at TelaClaims understand the cycle time of claims is of paramount importance in management of indemnity and expense.  This is but one of our tools that we use to effect real time/real world reduction in cycle time. 



If you want to have your adjusters spend less time on puzzling, and more time adjusting. Give us a call.