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Adjusters or Puzzlers

So often when managing multiple claims per incident, with multiple coverages’, multiple parties, multiple carriers, causation unknown or not agreed upon, a claim adjusters’ job is like time spent in the puzzle factory. (connotation intended) https://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=Puzzle%20Factory At TelaClaims, using our proprietary system Merge, we reduce the time spent puzzling, and give your adjuster more time […]

Is Not About Replacing, It’s About Upgrading!

In short, NO! In a recent episode of Last Week Tonight, with John Oliver, the issue of Automation was the ‘main story’.  Throughout the segment, all I could think about is the resistance and push back that our company has received from the ‘legacy adjuster‘, thinking that we are trying to replace him/her.   In […]

What Do You Stand For?

Marketing is about communicating value. In today’s world where the average person gets bombarded with around 5,000 ads per day, we must be acutely aware of what is it we want to be known for. In a world where attention is the number one commodity, being remembered for something special is a competitive advantage. The […]

The People I’m Thankful For

Where do I start! A project of our scope is built by so many people. It’s tested by even more people, and finally adopted by even a greater bunch of smart users. I’m eternally thankful to everyone individually. From our team of engineers who so many times have worked around the clock to meet a […]

Would You Pilot a Plane at Night, in Bad Weather, and Without Instrumentation?

Neither would I. But if you are not updating or editing your case reserving, that’s exactly what you’re doing, flying blind. Let me explain, Many carriers’ current process to update reserves has been a rarely modified.  Static case reserves lead to wild swings in claims reserve numbers. Inflated catch-all IBNR’s, and a general lack of reserving […]

TelaClaims: A Disruptive Force for the Insurance Industry in 2018

TelaClaims is a technology company that focuses on streamlining the insurance industry’s claims process. Our disruptive solution has a multi-prong approach to address several of the current issues in the industry. The adjuster shortfall, lack of a consistent work product, and moral hazard in the adjuster fee structure, coupled with reducing cycle times for all […]

Insurers –Don’t Be Afraid to Embrace the Gig Economy!

When the name Henry Ford is mentioned, it is synonymous with revolutionary ‘invention’, adaptation or implementation of the moving assembly line. Many people have taken that to hyperbolic lengths, the creation of the ‘modern’ industrial revolution (please note that modern was used tongue and cheek). If you ask someone on the street about Henry Ford, […]