The People I’m Thankful For

Where do I start!

A project of our scope is built by so many people. It’s tested by even more people, and finally adopted by even a greater bunch of smart users.

I’m eternally thankful to everyone individually.

From our team of engineers who so many times have worked around the clock to meet a deadline, go home, shower, then come back to work on more code.

I’m thankful to the Heads of Claims, VPs, Directors, and Managers at the carriers we currently partner up with us.

These men and women believed in us from the start and embraced what we believe… That a claim is more than an event. It’s an opportunity to deliver on a promise and positively impact the world while making good on it.

To the adjusters, inspectors, and vendors who chose to affiliate themselves with us, even when so many of them had never worked with us in passed CATs.

I’m especially thankful to the policyholders, for being courageous enough to try something different and give us feedback in the process.

And finally I’m thankful for all of you… the listeners of our podcast, and followers on our Instagram and Twitter accounts. Thank you for engaging with us, for the likes, hearts, the comments and suggestions. Thank you!

Happy Thanksgiving,


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