It takes 3 years to write a book. Ten thousand hours to become an expert at anything. A journey to Mars takes three hundred days. It takes about 8 years to create a brand in the US. And it currently takes 45-90 days to process a homeowner’s insurance claim. Or does it? Creating stuff that […]

By RONDA KAYSEN The New York Times SEPT 8, 2017 Catastrophe can arrive at your doorstep in any number of ways: A century-old tree could hit the roof, faulty wiring could spark a fire or a storm like Hurricane Harvey could unleash its fury and yours could be one of countless homes in its […]

TelaClaims is a technology company that focuses on streamlining the insurance industry’s claims process. Our disruptive solution has a multi-prong approach to address several of the current issues in the industry. The adjuster shortfall, lack of a consistent work product, and moral hazard in the adjuster fee structure, coupled with reducing cycle times for all […]

When the name Henry Ford is mentioned, it is synonymous with revolutionary ‘invention’, adaptation or implementation of the moving assembly line. Many people have taken that to hyperbolic lengths, the creation of the ‘modern’ industrial revolution (please note that modern was used tongue and cheek). If you ask someone on the street about Henry Ford, […]

David Milton, founder and CEO of TelaClaims, will be soft launching TelaClaims during his speech tomorrow at Americas Claims Event. TelaClaims is a revolutionary product providing claim adjusters process