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Ep: 015 – Barriers to Digital Transformation

In this episode we get into: The barriers to digital transformation insurance carriers are currently facing. The importance of integrating your workflow solution onto your CRM – Big Topic! And… Why claims and drinking out of a firehose are so similar!   Enjoy 🙂 Check out this episode!

Bringing Hollywood To The Insurance Industry

Let’s face it… video is generally a better medium to tell stories than text and pictures. Video brings a moment alive, gives it context, emotion, and color. We would even argue that video in its original format provides a truer version of actual events, because it’s now replicated in its true form. Video combines multiple […]

Ep: 014 – Adjusters vs CSRs at FNOL

In this Episode we talk about getting rid off the CSR middle man at FNOL! What barriers (If Any!) are there for the Carrier to get this done. And… What’s new in the world of Reinsurance from this year’s PCI Conference. Enjoy! Check out this episode!

Ep:010 – How To Turn ULAE into ALAE ASAP!

A topic of great interest and controversy for carriers. David breaks it down and offers options to decrease ULAE, in addition to how we addressed it during software development. And our CTO Rudy stops by to say hello!   Enjoy 🙂 Check out this episode!

Ep:009 – The Future of the Independent Adjuster, Part 2

Today we continue our discussion about “…a day in the life of an independent adjuster” , specific scenarios for new job opportunities, and why we’re so bullish and stoked about creating a platform that will help these guys scale and level up their game. Enjoy! Check out this episode!

Ep: 007 – The Future of the Independent Adjuster, Part 1

We’re only as good as our adjusters! Our entire business revolves around these guys. Our sun rises and sets with them and so should yours. We deep dive into current state changes happening and dynamics that play into why we believe the future looks really bright for this group of professionals and business owners in […]

Ep:006 – A CMOs Early View of the Industry

David decided to turn the tables around this time and interview me. The questions focused on my recent journey as a CMO for our Company, in the context of our solution and how it relates to the market it was designed for. Enjoy! Check out this episode!