The problem with asking clients or customers what they want is that most often than not, they don’t know.

And this is not because they are dumb or stupid, they’re not. It’s because they have a difficult time imagining what a real solution looks like.

It’s not their job to find a cure for their illness. If they could they would’ve done so by now. So don’t ask them to.

But even if by any chance, in a dull and uninspirational moment, you do ask them… their answer would only be a whisper of a real breakthrough. Not even close!

If you understand a process you can make a reasonable bet on a solution.

You can observe, research, study, and test the environment of the people you mean to contribute to.

Yes you’ll risk life and limb every time, but unless you’re willing to do so, you’ll never create anything meaningful.

We never knew whether Merge would work for sure or not. In theory we did, technically we understood the components.

Strategically we envisioned where all the pieces fit perfectly and in complete harmony.

At a human level we really empathized with our clients and not only felt their pain and anguish, but the pain an anguish of their clients.

Logistically we knew the terrain and all the players, and felt confident we could deliver a unique outcome and drive the claim cycle time from 30 days to 30 minutes.

…And nothing felt as harsh and humiliating as not delivering to expectations in the early stages.

But nothing felt as good or as real as implementing our solution on someone else’s environment, and watching our assumptions come true one by one over time.

Our approach was / is simple:

“Hey guys, if you’re the kind of company/people we made this for, then here’s what we made, and here’s what you can expect. Would you like to take it for a ride?”  -Seth Godin

This approach leaves very little ambiguity as far as what options on which to take action you give someone.

If and when they’re ready, their answer will be a YES or a NO.

But never a MAYBE.

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