Ep:004- The High Multiplier Effects of the Gig Economy in the Insurance Industry

In this episode David and I discuss the impact The Gig Economy is having in the insurance industry.

Here are some of the highlights:

  • Why making unseemingly related connections is what creates unicorns.
  • Data is to a claim adjusters as moving from point A to point B is to an Uber driver.
  • Don’t complicate it. Keep your process simple, and that will be incredibly hard.
  • Ai as a whole is not a functional fix, but a component of a bigger picture.
  • The coming freelance tsunami is bigger than we think.
  • A quick intro of what TelaVendor.com and why it’s our Gig economy power tool.
  • Getting paid for what you know is sweeter than getting paid for what you do.
  • Internet connected devices and how they are already impacting the insurtech space.





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