In this episode David and I continue our battle of egos for supremacy and control of the conversation, but not without first sharing some pretty nifty nuggets of information about technology, insurance, and the people driving the change.

Here are some of the convo snippets of what you’re about to listen to:

  • Top 3 challenges of any CEO in tech-insurance startup space.
  • Why culture building is essential in the claims process team.
  • Bridging the tech gap in insurance and insurance gap in tech.
  • Soft skills rule in both internal and external communication.
  • It’s not about recipe, it’s about collective beliefs.
  • It’s not just about top buy-in any more, it’s about all buy-in.
  • There’s a lot of fear perpetuating non-efficient processes in he industry right now.
  • Why you should always wear your home team colors to work and no others… Wishing our CEO would take a stronger stand on this!

I hope you enjoy this episode, we’ll talk next week.




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