It takes 3 years to write a book.

Ten thousand hours to become an expert at anything.

A journey to Mars takes three hundred days.

It takes about 8 years to create a brand in the US.

And it currently takes 45-90 days to process a homeowner’s insurance claim.

Or does it?

Creating stuff that works takes time, but not in the way most of us think it does.

It’s not the sheer physicality or the daily grind that holds us back.

But you know what it might be?

Coordinating the work of many people in a purposeful and broken down manner.

Influencing others to buy into our dreams and ideas. This takes time, patience, and political capital sometimes.

Finding or creating the best way to get things done. The new path to anything looks like anything but a trail.

Nothing works the first time around. We must test, analyze and iterate constantly. Especially in the tech space.

This takes time.

Believing in ourselves in the face of so many odds takes even longer!

All part of the actual investment. The pre-work before the actual work.

No one thought breaking the 4 minute mile was possible until Roger Bannister did it in 1954 in 3:59.4.

Since then over 1,400 male athletes have done it.

I love this quote …

Nothing is more powerful than an idea whose time has come. ― Victor Hugo

And that time is here for claims in the insurance space.

There’s no single, acceptable, or really good reason for any claim to take longer than 30 minutes, given all the information has been funneled through the right system.

The stubbornness to simply refuse to accept the legacy-way claims are being processed is mainly the reason why today we are breaking the claims 4 minute mile barrier for the first time.

If you’d like a tour of how we’re doing it, just click here, or call us to chat about it.

But forget the numbers… here’s the lesson:

You can’t accept standards for the sake of standards… and when they don’t apply to our way of life anymore, then it’s time to change.

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