From 30 Days to 30 Minutes!


TelaClaims is a South Florida Tech company which created a software solution that’s currently repurposing the entire legacy claims process.

Think of a NASA like command center where all data and information converges magically in order to make better decisions.

Reserve systems that make reinsurers chase you instead of the other way around.

A list of LMS trained and certified vendors, inspectors and adjusters mapped out on your Uber-like map dashboard waiting for you to send them to work.

Plus all your ULAE converted to ALAE.

After years of noticing some of the major wicked problems that faced the industry, like:

  • Underleveraged siloed data
  • Mismanagement of reserving
  • Poor asset management – CSR, adjuster, vendor management
  • Poor understanding and management of consumer expectations
  • Lack of agile processes
  • Lack of transparency across platforms
  • Poor millennial engagement
  • Ineffective communication strategy …And,
  • Lack of real-time mentoring and claim guidance

The decision was made… The future is now … And TelaClaims was born!

This project started a couple of years ago from the living room of the founder’s house.

David Milton put together a team of software developers and engineers to help him create his vision:

TelaClaims flagship product, MERGE is an end-to-end claims workflow solution with its own custom design technology and a fully integrated, secure, and infinitely scalable, video centric multi-channel communication’s platform.

In other words, claim cycle time from 30 days to 30 minutes!

“No claims gets better with age, and the only good claim is a closed claim!” -David Milton, Founder/CEO

At the core of this fuss there’s only one goal:


Everything else serves this purpose. Automation, IoT, and other connective capabilities and technologies driving #fintech and #insurtech, all serve at the pleasure of this objective.

Right now we are launching our V2.0 update later this month. With current carriers running pilots and a long list of new ones anxiously waiting to get onboarded.


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