Zachary Parris

Zachary Parris

Claims Manager:

Zachary is an established insurance leader with extensive expertise in claims and risk management. Throughout his career, he has led diverse teams, including a dynamic group of over 45 professionals, driving strategic improvements and maintaining rigorous compliance across all levels of operations. His proficiency in navigating the complexities of claims management and developing strategic process improvements has positioned him as a key player in the industry.

As a certified professional holding AIC and AINS designations and currently pursuing a CPCU certification, Zach is deeply committed to lifelong learning and professional development. His approach to claims management is firmly rooted in the belief that continuous education and embracing innovative technologies are crucial for advancing the insurance sector.

Zach is passionate about merging traditional insurance practices with cutting-edge InsurTech solutions, constantly seeking ways to enhance service delivery and operational efficiencies. At TelaClaims, he leverages his extensive experience and insights to foster growth and innovation within the industry, empowering the next generation of insurance professionals to thrive in an ever-evolving landscape.

Beyond his professional endeavors, Zach is an active participant in the insurance community, engaging in discussions and contributing to thought leadership on the future of insurance. He looks forward to connecting with fellow professionals who share his enthusiasm for transforming the insurance industry. Let’s drive the future of insurance together!